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Part Two: The Seduction

Myra removes her lab coat to reveal a patriotic but bizarre outfit - an Old Glory bathing suit.

Myra: "What nature intended is not always good for us,
Rusty. You think that being a man is such a simple thing.
'A man should ball chicks', you said. Well, I've tried to
explain it to you, but I'm afraid it will require a practical

Myra reaches for something off-screen . . .

Hear Rusty respond . . .

Myra: "I won't kill you, Rusty. I'll just educate you. You
and the rest of America. Must I demonstrate it to you
practically, that there is no such thing as manhood. It died
with Burt Lancaster in Vera Cruz. Your manhood was
taken by Errol Flynn and Clark Gable. I'm only going to
apply you with the finishing touches!"

Raquel Welch makes cinema history as she rapes the muscular stud
with the large, wicked dildo.

After having her way with the stud, Myra undoes him. Since Rusty is on parole,
he's helpless to do anything about it . . .

Rusty: "Can I go now?"

Hear Myra's answer . . .

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