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Myra's Office

After Mary Ann tells Myra about Rusty's bad back, she sees an opportunity to fulfill part of her master plan. She asks him to come to her office to discuss his posture problem.

Myra: "Imagine you're listening, to the big sound of Glen Miller . . ."

Myra: "Turn around . . ."

Myra plays a little air trombone -- with her sights on Rusty's buns. What is she up to?!

Myra then tells Rusty to remove his shirt, so she can see where he broke his ribs as a result of a football injury.

Hear Myra ask Rusty to take off his shirt

Myra comments on Rusty's physique

Myra then tells Rusty to face the wall. She then claims she knows where the problem is . . .

Wave File

Myra gets a preview of the target area of her ultimate conquest . . .

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