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Part One - The Examination

Myra: "Now about your back. I've spoken to Uncle Buck's chiropractor, and she's going to arrange a special brace. But she couldn't be here tonight, so she asked me to take an exact tracing of your spine - so she'll know what to do. So if you'll just slip off your shirt, we'll get right to work."

The chilly Myra gives Rusty a routine physical. She begins by taking his weight, but the cocky Rusty is still wearing something . . .

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Rusty then grows suspicious when Myra asks him to bend over the examination table - she wants to take his temperture from behind. When he concedes, she proceeds to strap his wrists down!

Rusty gets angry as Myra asks him more questions.

Finally, Myra puts down her clipboard and then straps down his back!!

Rusty: "What are you doing?"
Myra: "I'm preparing you . . . for your brace."
Rusty: "Oh Christ."
Myra: "What's the matter, Rusty?"
Rusty: "I said oh Christ!"
Myra: "What is it, Rusty?"
Rusty: "You're playing some kind of joke on me, I know you are. You're playing some kind of joke!"

Myra: "This is no joke, Rusty. I'm deadly earnest. You
have a lot to learn. All you men have a lot to learn . . . and
I have taken it upon myself to teach you."
Rusty: "What do you mean?"
Myra: "This is the most important part of your education.
The part your teachers failed to instruct you in."
Myra: "Did you know you have a temperature?"
Rusty: "No I didn't!"
Myra: "Well you do. But no matter. I shall cure what's
wrong with you . . ."
Rusty: "What are you going to do?"

Myra responds!

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