"There are only two characters in all of fiction that could have only come from America - Tom Sawyer and Myra Breckinridge."

- a British literary critic.

Myra Breckinridge is truly a child of our age - all her realities are based on the movies she has seen, and her ideal in life is to be a star. How achieves it ("I can hardly bear another moment! I am reborn or in the process of rebirth like Robert Montgomery in Here Comes Mr. Jordan.) and who she really is - or was - make up the outrageous, shocking, hilarious and poignant story that became a bestselling novel in 1968, and an equally provocative movie in 1970!!

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This web page is devoted to the phenomenon of Myra Breckinridge, one of the most famous (or infamous!) characters in modern fiction/cinema.

Thanks to Gore Vidal for writing one of the most original American novels of the 20th Century. Thanks to screenwriter David Giler and director Michael Sarne for help bringing Myra to the screen.

Special thanks to Raquel Welch, for her inspiring and convincing performance as Myra in the film version.

Last but not at all least, thanks to my good friend twof for helping put this idea into cyberspace!

Most of the images on this site were done with vidcaps. However, if you have any stills, clippings, etc. from the film, I would be happy to consider posting them!

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Myra's Manifesto

Myra arrives in Hollywood: Visiting Uncle Buck

Teaching Posture Class - Mary Ann and Rusty Godowsky

Leticia Van Allen

At the Château Marmont with Mary Ann Pringle

Myra's Office: Rusty pays a visit to Miss Myra

The Cock 'n Bull: "What is normal?"

The Infirmary: The most amazing physical examination ever . . .

Uncle Buck's Office: Myra was Myron?!

Myra's Bedroom: Myra and Mary Ann

The Hospital: Back to reality . .


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